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The Knight Code is an exclusive leadership school aimed at reshaping the minds of young people, by helping them unlearn the myths and ideological misconceptions about leadership and set them on a new course to learn the fundamental precepts for becoming exceptional leaders in various spheres of influence.

We aim to:

  1. Raise 5000 new leaders who would be at the cutting edge of the socio-economic revolution brewing in Africa.
  2. Provide practical resources on leadership from leaders in Africa who are seasoned with vast experience and knowledge in government, career development, corporate strategy, entrepreneurship, and media.

Becoming a Knight

We are on a journey to raising 5000 trans-generational leaders. Join us and become a part of this journey to change Africa and the world. Membership is exclusive.

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100% Virtual Learning

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The Knight's Creed

We are Knights. We are on a journey to make the world a better place.

We are strategic and charismatic leaders and we are going to raise leaders in our own image.

We do not fear the long hours of work or sleepless nights we’d have to endure to get there. This is a journey to establish a new world order.

We are Knights and we shall prevail.

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Closed Boxes: The Podcast

Closed boxes is our series of audio resources on leadership. Too busy to sit with a book or a course, you can listen to learn practical leadership skills while on the go.

The Masterclass

The Masterclass is an EXCLUSIVE, premium leadership course facilitated by leaders in Africa who are seasoned with vast experience and knowledge different spheres of influence.

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The Masterclass

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The Masterclass

Mr Okodugha Olushola
Founder, The Knight Code
Her Excellency, Jewel Taylor
Vice President of Liberia
Senator Adeleke Mamora
Minister of State for Health
His Excellency, Emmanuel Uduaghan
Former governor of Delta State
Honourable Seyi Adisa
Member of the Oyo state house of assembly
Mrs. Debola Deji-Kurunmi
E.D., Ideation Hub Africa
Mr Tonye cole
Co-founder and former Group Executive Director, Sahara Group
New World Leaders in Africa

I joined the Knight Code to encounter exceptional knowledge and connect with though leaders and builders who are ready to influence Africa through progressive change

Dawn Ashiedu


I know the Knight Code is pragmatically intensive, one to indeed realign, empower and synergise similitude of mindsets in establishing the right change per area of influence. This is why I joined.

Olumide Olusesi

Working Professional

I joined the Knight Code to effectively embody being a visionary leader, to enlarge my capacity to become a leader and effect change wherever I find myself, in Africa and the world at large.

Miriam Disu